SAP Audit Training

Who are concerned?

  • Heads of Internal Audit who would like to know and let their staff know the key risks within SAP and the nuts and bolts of a smart SAP Audit.
  • Compliance Directors, who need to set up and regularly test an internal control system, which includes SAP-supported processes and controls.
  • CEOs and CFOs, who would like to prepare their people for an upcoming SAP Audit.

What are your benefits?

The SAP Audit Training makes you and your team understand the key SAP risks and controls, which enable:

  • The auditors to perform more focused and efficient audits in an SAP environment.
  • The compliance team to develop and test more efficient SAP automated controls.
  • Management to prepare for an SAP Audit.

As a result, you will be confident that you don’t miss important SAP-related risks and that you and your team are prepared.

What do we do?

Based on preparatory discussions with you we design a unique SAP Audit training tailored to your needs. In general, our SAP Audit trainings consist of the following modules:

  • Introduction to SAP
  • SAP look and feel
  • How to extract data from SAP?
  • SAP General IT Controls
  • SAP Business Processes and Controls
  • Summary

Our trainings are usually interactive with practice and workshop sessions.


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